Workshops & Lectures

David regularly lectures and leads workshops.

Workshops on Mindful Tech

David leads workshops that help participants establish a healthier and more effective relationship with their digital devices and apps. Key techniques include:

  • Mindfulness/contemplative practices to strengthen their attention
  • Careful self-observation of their current online habits to discover what is working well and what isn’t
  • Developing personal guidelines based on these discoveries

The length and content of these workshops are tailored to the needs of the host organization.


Lecture topics include:

  • Acceleration and Overload: What are the sources of these phenomena?
  • No Time to Think: How is it that we so little time time to think even as we’ve created the best tools for scholarship and learning the world has ever known?
  • Mindful Tech: How can we learn to use our digital devices and apps in healthier and more effective ways?
  • The Sabbath and Sabbath Time: In what ways is the Sabbath a potential model for addressing acceleration and overload?
  • Contemplative practices and pedagogy: How can we bring contemplative practices into our teaching?

David welcomes invitations to lecture and lead workshops. For more information, please contact him.