Mindful Tech: How to Bring Balance to Our Digital Lives

Supplementary Materials

Recording Your Multitasking Behavior

Exercises 3 & 4 in Mindful Tech (described in Chapters 6 & 7) suggest that readers record their multitasking behavior so they can carefully observe their normal multitasking habits. On pp. 93-94, I ask readers to download recording software onto their laptop or desktop computers, but I don’t make specific recommendations.

There are currently many tools that have some or all of the features I think would be useful for the exercises. But the tool I currently use in my classes and workshops and highly recommend is Camtasia, a product of TechSmith. Camtasia has all the features I think are useful. And as an additional advantage, TechSmith offers a free thirty-day trial download, which is more than enough time to perform the exercises. (I have no relationship with TechSmith.)